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The Partnership For Career Development (PCD) is a business-education-partnership intermediary located in the Capital Region of Pennsylvania. 

PCD’s experience and expertise is concentrated in the field of Career & Workforce Readiness. PCD works under a fee-for-service model providing schools and school districts in South Central Pennsylvania with resources, programs, events and initiatives surrounding career exploration and development.

In addition, PCD provides multi-level consulting at county, state and national level for businesses, organizations and individuals.

With 25 years of experience in developing programs, initiatives, studying and researching relevant labor market data, consulting and meeting with relevant stakeholders from business, education, and community, PCD is recognized in Pennsylvania by state agencies as a leader and best practice in this work.

PCD’s unique collaborative model provides regional schools with consortiums to share resources and work cooperatively.

As an intermediary, PCD is able to provide efficiencies for regional businesses and organizations, creating career exploration programs and initiatives that allow students to participate from dozens of schools at one location. This helps to alleviate “employer fatigue,” as identified in PA, resulting from many schools calling on the same businesses for support.

PCD’s model allows for the braiding of funds, and utilizing economies of scale, and the leveraging of local, regional, state and national partnerships, permitting PCD to act as a conduit for access & equity of resources & programs. 

Distinguishing Tenets PCD Upholds:

  • Work-based Learning / Career Mentoring as the “gold standard”
  • Alignment of interests with market needs
  • Access & Equity in experiences, programming and support
  • Accountability of Learning
  • Collaboration not competition in this non-partisan work


To learn how PCD can act as a resource for your organization's efforts, contact us at: info@crpcd.org 


Career Connections HUB

This high-school level, career exploration, beta-version platform currently connects students with manufacturing job information and opportunities. The online system will be expanded to include all 16 career clusters and training and education info and opportunities this fall/winter.
The fully interactive portal queries student’s interests to match and explore industry-provided high-need occupations. Students completing the experience will be matched with current offerings including career shadow opportunities, internships, part-time, full-time and seasonal work opportunities. PCD will work in-between, “hand” guiding students to schools and those opportunities.

Organizations can use the portal to promote their industry needs and provide info about jobs. PCD can also offer 360-degree virtual tour options to allow an immersive experience without safety issues and paperwork required to bring students into their facilities. PCD will work with fellow associations to gather relevant career information and include it, engaging students and helping them as they consider their life and career options post high school. To see the active (beta-version) of the Hub click here. 
For more information and/or to schedule a short call, meeting or demonstration contact: info@crpcd.org




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Information about the Partnership may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement. Learn more about how you can be a part of this important organization!


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The Partnership for Career Development is a 501c-3 non-profit organization, dedicated to Career & Workforce Readiness. Please consider funding our important mission.

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The Partnership for Career Development works to build a system of K-12 career education, increase awareness of post secondary training and education opportunities, and strengthen workforce development in the Pennsylvania Capital Region.

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