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Student programs:

Career Connections Virtual (NEW):

Provide/create your own organizational video (to include needs, education requirements, relevant stories, tours, demos)

Provide/help us to locate or develop an industry video through your trade association

Students will have a designated amount of time to review the two videos and give their teachers their questions. Schools will vet those questions and consolidate them.

We will arrange a live podcast, to be taped, based on the student questions.

Additional info available upon request

Career Connections (by industry)*

PCD promotes and provides the students, you present your industry and organization's needs.

Students rotate through all presentations in a "round-robin" fashion.

* availability based on social distancing regulations.

Extended Career Exploration Experiences

PCD is looking for a few innovative partners to take the lead and help to develop some extended learning experiences for students. This might take the form of a monthly club, or a weekly online activity over 6 weeks or whatever makes sense for you and your organization/industry to introduce students to careers in your field/organization.

Work-Based Learning & More

PCD is always looking for partners and opportunities to share with our growing number of schools for Co-op, Pre-apprenticeship, internships and more. Please contact us for more info (below).

Educator Programs

Educator in the Workplace - we are recommending virtual sessions this year.

This is an opportunity to provide multiple presentations about your industry and organization's needs for the future workplace. We suggest a 90 minute to 2 hour experience to allow time for all presentations and Q&A from educators.

Discuss and/or include relevant presentations as relevant: educational needs, skills needed, relevant stories and experiences, what makes your organization stand apart, how to prepare for a successful career in your organization, what you wish you knew when you were in school, accommodations for special needs/diversity and other relevant information.

Include a tour video and/or anything that might spark interest.

Leadership Academy (multiple virtual sites are needed)

This is a similar opportunity to Educator in the Workplace, but in a shorter 45-60 minute timeframe.

To get involved, please contact:

Courtney Maurer - Program Associate

Anne Lauritzen - Program Manager

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