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Student programs:

Featured Consortium School Career Readiness Activities:

PCD's participating consortium schools look for assistance with their programming often. Please bookmark and check this page for future offerings.

Current school needs:

PCD works with many schools who need your support for internships, co-op, and other career exploration and work-based learning activities. Contact us to receive updates.


Career Connections - 2024 (industry-focused) - in person (as restrictions permit):

PCD promotes these events to our active network of school personnel who are directly involved in career exploration and education, and they provide the specific students who have been selected, based n their interests and/or at the suggestion & recommendation of school mentors.  You present your industry and organization's needs. Students rotate through all presentations in a "round-robin" fashion, in person. Online, presenters provide career information in a panel format.

PCD Career Connections - Virtual:

PCD's virtual panel presentations have been enormously successful throughout the pandemic, and due to high demand, we will continue to provide these ae a regular offering.

As an added feature, you can provide/create your own organizational video (to include needs, education requirements, relevant stories, tours, demos) to share.
Contact us to feature your organization and industry.

Extended Career Exploration Experiences

PCD is looking for a few innovative partners to take the lead and help to develop extended learning experiences for students. This might take the form of a monthly club, or a weekly online activity over 6 weeks or whatever makes sense for you and your organization/industry to introduce students to careers in your field/organization.

Career Mentoring, Co-op, Internships, and Pre-Apprenticeship

PCD supports these focused "one-on-one" models and is directly involved in the promotion and implementation of pre-apprenticeship for the Manufacturing Association in South-Central PA. This is a growing program, and PCD is actively connecting with other industries to support all work-based learning models, and help to cultivate these essential programs.

PCD assists with the development of business-education partnerships for work-based learning efforts and career & workforce readiness throughout South-Central Pennsylvania.


As a state-recognized leader in the intermediary work of Career & Workforce Readiness, PCD consults with businesses, schools at all levels, and community organizations to forward this important work throughout the state, an in the nation. PCD is regularly asked to speak at state and regional conferences, provide key data, and consult regarding the gaps in this essential work. Please contact CEO Lynda Morris for more information.

Educator Programs

Educator in the Workplace 

This is an opportunity to provide multiple presentations about your industry and organization's needs for the future workplace. We suggest a 90 minute to 2 hour experience to allow time for all presentations and Q&A from educators.

Discuss and/or include relevant presentations as relevant: educational needs, skills needed, relevant stories and experiences, what makes your organization stand apart, how to prepare for a successful career in your organization, what you wish you knew when you were in school, accommodations for special needs/diversity and other relevant information.

Include a tour video and/or anything that might spark interest.

Leadership Academy

This is a similar opportunity to Educator in the Workplace, but in a shorter 45-60 minute timeframe.

To get involved, please contact:

Anne Lauritzen - Director of Programs and Operations

Lynda Morris - President & CEO

Our work: The Partnership for Career Development works to build a system of K-12 career education, increase awareness of post secondary training and education opportunities, and strengthen workforce development in the Pennsylvania Capital Region.

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