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Career Connections

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Dear Student,

We know there are many options out there as you begin to think about your career, and narrowing down just what’s right for you can be overwhelming and confusing.

That’s why we’re having these conversations with people who can share their insights and expertise with you, and who can answer your specific questions.

For each offering, PCD will initially provide an info sheet, introductory video link, and a student Q&A submission form. In order to receive credit for participating in Career Connections, a student must watch the introductory video and submit the Q&A submission form, but that's not all.

After all Q&A submission forms have been received, PCD will schedule and record the session in order for student questions to be posed to the employers.  PCD will then share a link to the Q&A video and an additional form where students are required to submit a "project" in order to receive full credit for the experience with a specific deadline date. 

The Q&A video will be available for TWO WEEKS, during which time participating students should submit ONE of the following options via provided Form:
1) Resume 
2) Thank you letter OR request for interview letter 
3) YouTube link for a “Why you should hire me” video from student directed at participating employer

Please note: these videos will continue to be available for informative purposes, however, credit will only be given if students participate during initial recording period.  

Questions/Issues/Concerns?  Reach out to info@crpcd.org

PCD Led Programs 

Career Exploration Expo 

This program was postponed due to the pandemic, but is still in great demand in the region and state (!). Stay tuned for more details as we redevelop this program for a socially distanced option. and re-engage with organizations for an event in the future.

The Manufacturers’ Association’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program 

Designed for high school Juniors or Seniors enrolled at a partner school, who are considering pursuit of an Apprenticeship in a chosen trade after graduation.  A Pre-Apprenticship gives student the ability to explore a career before entering the workforce after graduation.  The program consists of hands-on sessions and an optional online credential program.  Participants of the program will receive state-certified pre-apprentice papers and Federal OSHA 10 certification. 

For more information, or to apply for our Pre-Apprenticeship Program, go to: https://www.mascpa.org/education-training/ career-exploration/ 

Consortium Led Programs

ACE Mentor Program
Founded in 1994, the ACE Mentor Program of America (ACE) is a free, award-winning, afterschool program designed to attract high school students into pursuing careers in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry, including skilled trades. ACE is a federation of more than 70 affiliates (chapters), operating in 37 states and largely based in metropolitan areas, which deliver the program.  A national office coordinates and assists affiliates.

Cumberland Goodwill EMS 
Ever wonder what it’s like to be an EMT or Paramedic at Cumberland Goodwill EMS? We’re a community-based organization that’s also one of just 6 nationally accredited services in Pennsylvania, equipped with patient care and clinical decision making tools designed to make a difference when caring for our neighbors. To participate in a temporary ride-along as an observer with Cumberland Goodwill, download this form and follow the instructions to submit it to their office.

Hershey Theatre 

Experience the tour that takes you behind the scenes of "The Most Impressive Theatre in Pennsylvania". From balcony to basement, Hershey Theatre® has recently undergone a dazzling restoration - bringing back the opulence of opening night in 1933. Learn the details of this historic project and the inside story of Milton Hershey's Entertainment Showplace.

Students will marvel at the beauty of this historic theatre as they travel behind the scenes and enjoy an experience far beyond an introduction to the arts. Lessons in history, community, and architecture combine in this fascinating tour.

The PULSE Program is a new program at Penn State's Hershey MedicalCenter, allowing local high school students to explore various career opportunities in the health and medical fields. The four-month program consists of classes and problem-based lab sessions. One goal of the program is to promote the need for local physicians.

Business Side of Sports
PCD's consortium-led offering often connects with the Harrisburg Senators and the Hershey Bears for a comprehensive look at careers in sports.

Our work: The Partnership for Career Development works to build a system of K-12 career education, increase awareness of post secondary training and education opportunities, and strengthen workforce development in the Pennsylvania Capital Region.

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