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Career Recognition Weeks 2023-24


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Career Exploration Online

Career Connections HUB

This high-school level, career exploration platform currently connects students with manufacturing job information and opportunities. The fully interactive portal queries student’s interests to match and explore industry-provided high-need occupations. Students completing the experience will be matched with current offerings including career shadow opportunities, internships, part-time, full-time and seasonal work opportunities. PCD will work in-between, “hand” guiding students to schools and those opportunities.

Organizations can use the portal to promote their industry needs and provide info about jobs. PCD also offers 360-degree virtual tour options to allow an immersive "in-house" experience without site safety issues and field trip paperwork. To see the Hub click here

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PCD Career Connections - Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Anne Lauritzen

Nourish Your Passion: Explore Careers in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources!

PCD Career Connections are student career exploration sessions for participating PCD schools

This is an in-person event at the Capital Area Intermediate Unit in Enola

Nourish Your Passion: Explore Careers in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources!

Calling all nature enthusiasts and aspiring environmental stewards! The Partnership for Career Development is delighted to present a "Career Connections" event centered around Careers in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources. Mark your calendars for March 7th, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon, as we gather at the Capital Area Intermediate Unit in Enola.

Immerse yourself in a world of sustainable agriculture, food sourcing, and conservation and more as you interact with professionals from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).

What's in store for you?

Prepare to be inspired during our interactive "round robin" sessions, where you'll engage with experts from DCNR, gaining invaluable insights into the vast array of opportunities available in the fields of agriculture, food, and environmental conservation.

Whether you envision yourself cultivating the land or championing sustainability, join us to nourish your passion for the natural world and forge connections that will lead to a fulfilling future in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.

Secure your spot now for this event on March 7th! Don't miss the chance to explore your love for the environment and discover the diverse and rewarding careers that await you in the realm of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources.






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